Vanity – The First of Three

The three of you,
You three are mine,
I lost myself,
For each to find.
You are the barriers in my mind.

Vanity you pull me back,
Back, back, into your deepest trap,
No words of which can save me now,
The silence around me is too loud.

Your criticisms and lies,
Are all that implies,
Your need for satisfaction,
For my reaction.

If I were this or if I were that,
Because you could not love me despite the crap,
Your needs are wrong, your needs are unreal,
You gloss over what you really feel.

The mind cares for appreciation,
But the heart needs something more,
A substantial amount for which to hold,
A love which breaks your law.

My face may not be full of grace,
And my eyes may not yet sparkle,
But the love I have is love enough,
Love enough for your embrace.

I will not fall down with them,
To lose your respect and cry,
For who I am I am, and that you must love,
Or this love will surely die.


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