1 whole year! Happy Birthday TFTSR!

One year ago today I created this little blog and wrote my first post on it.
In the last year I have written over 270 posts, gained 654 followers and 139 twitter chums.
I have laughed thousands of times, cried hundreds of times, read amazing books tens of times, been kissed once, been drunk once and loved once.

These last 12 months have been the best of my life, and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I went from being a self-conscious, chubby little butterfly to a self-confident young woman who loves herself. Over the last year you have watched me struggle and cry and learn and grow. You read the things I would never normally show people, and you supported me. Thank you, truly for being part of the community who nurtured me into the outspoken person I am today.

Let us raise a glass (of water or juice for all those under age 😉 ) to another year. To another 365 days of pure faultless awesome. To growing into ourselves and becoming the people we wanted to be 3 years ago. To achieving the achievable and pushing for the unbelievable.

Here is a list of my top 10 posts if you wish to peruse my old and somewhat regrettable work 🙂

  1. The First One
  2. A Feminist Flourishes
  3. The Mental Health Series
  4. The Piccadilly Line
  5. The Time It Got Spiritual
  6. The Boy Next Door
  7. Of Mayflies and Men – Apologies this never got finished
  8. The Most Liked One
  9. My Favorite Photograph
  10. My Favourite Post

Reading my old stuff back I just have to laugh at my own immaturity, stupidity and naivety. Seriously though, thank you for everything. Every like, every follow and every comment matters. They lighten up my day and give me strength.

I’m now going to find something delicious to eat in celebration. Oh, and it is still a Musical Monday so here is the song 🙂

Love always




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