School, strength and sleep – True Thursdays

For those who don’t know True Thursdays are a weekly post about the stuff going on in my real life and with my mental health, hence the term “true” because my poetry, pieces and photos don’t always explain the truth of what is going on.

I went back to school on Monday and of course on came the tidal wave of work. I haven’t had time to work on the new manuscript much, but I should have a fair bit of time this weekend. But I’m not exactly despising the work load because before we went back to school I was getting really scatty. I’m the sort of person who needs to being doing something 24/7 so I have almost welcomed all the mindless drivel back with open arms.

In truth I am actually a pretty lazy student. I get 70/90% in most tests (bearing in mind the majority of my school is rather intelligent and a little nerdy, so this isn’t good enough for some of my teachers *cough*Maths*cough*) but I don’t revise and don’t care or worry that much. If I put in the effort I could probably be top 5 in a few of my classes, but I just cant be bothered. So I have decided to try and make an effort to do some extra studying and try to “extend my learning” *vomits at teacher jargon* in the subjects that I find don’t challenge me.

The fitness and gym are going good even though it has only been 4 ish days back on after Christmas, and the festive tradition of over eating. I could really do with some good trainers – the type that people wear for fashion rather than sport but are actually amazing to run in – and my birthday is coming up so, hint, hint, if you know me personally. I love the feeling of sweating and aching at the gym, it’s almost a drug now. I feel so much fitter just from 4 months of working out. I want to run everywhere and I put in twice the level of energy into every task.

So I have achieved not being physically being lazy, and I am working towards being mentally active as well. I think, at the moment my brain is like a sports car on low quality fuel, I need to find the things that make me run – talking mentally here – at my best. Writing is definitely one. MUST MAKE TIME TO WRITE.

But the last issue on the agenda is sleep, and my love hate relationship with her. Recently I have been falling asleep at 1 and I have to wake up at 6:30 so it isn’t really working. I did some online reading about clearing your head before you sleep and I found this 7/11 – not the BeyoncĂ© kind, but all hail the queen – breathing technique to try and get myself into a relaxed state before I sleep.

Life weekly round up over, I realised in the few days I have been back how confident and whole I feel. Especially at school, I can just chat with everyone and I feel quite relaxed. I’m doing well.


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