Praying they can stay alive

In our reflections lie our true enemies,
Those we cannot flee from,
The undesirable number one,
She who shall cause our worst downfall.

You cannot save people from themselves,
You cannot shield them inside their heads,
You can try and try, and love and love,
But it only goes so deep.

No matter how hard you try to patch them up,
They must heal themselves,
You cannot force them to be fixed,
To be okay.

When someone trips you can save them or let them fall,
But sometimes the saving doesn’t save them,
It just pushes the eventuality of the fall further forward in time,
You are delaying the recovery.

You cannot keep falling, you will hit the ground,
No matter its state, no matter what it looks like,
Beneath you is solid ground,
To stand on, to survive.

Their self destruction is before your eyes,
Behind them the pain lies,
Praying the hurt can end,
Praying they can stay alive.

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