Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis – Musical Mondays

Hate’s hurt is love in disguise,
The pain of our own lies,
Deep down we know which we feel,
But in between there is too much to see what is real.

This is torture,
This is life,
We suffer through pain and strife.

But in the end I cannot bear,
To see you standing over there,
I want to kill you,
To kiss you,
To feel and to touch,
You have left me with this much.

In all my life,
I have never known,
To feel so much,
To feel so alone.

Everything you are repels everything that is me,
But yet I still see,
Visions that I know the be fantasise,
Hopelessly searching for some sanity.

I cannot decide or explain what I feel,
I just pray that this love isn’t real,
That actually I just hate you,
And that this was all a dream too.

Heaven above and hell below,
I regret to say I loved you so.

Beyond all knowledge I had a hopeless abandon,
And abandon my soul I did.

The Song



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