12 Posts of Christmas – Day 12

So Christmas is officially over and I am heading back to school tomorrow. Usual schedule will resume then 🙂

Lots of people are talking about the new year and their resolutions. Mine were the usual mostly; continue to get fit, spend more time with those I love, study harder. But I just wanted to mention 2 things that aren’t on the list and 2 things that are.

Firstly, this year I did not write “Find a boyfriend” on the list, because I am perfectly happy without one. For the first time in forever I am learning to feel good about myself outside of men’s expectations of me. I know that I don’t have time for a relationship right now because I am too busy working on my relationship with myself. I love myself and my little quirks and I actually think I am ok. Like properly ok.

The second thing that isn’t on the list is anything relating to changing my personality or my actions. In the real world I am an utter idiot, and I do stupid things like banging into fire alarms by accident. And I’m not sophisticated all the time, like I wear a space invaders top to bed. Sometimes I act like a cross bread of Bridget Jones and Miranda but I like that. Honestly it just means I am myself and I would rather be that than have no personality.

Two things that are on my list are to love myself and to stop thinking I cant do something because I have only just started. I am learning to give myself more credit and to just accept that I cant be good at everything.

Happy 2015. Let me know your resolutions. Thank you for this amazing year on WordPress

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