12 Posts of Christmas – Day 11

Happy New Year!

Well what a year it has been. Some stuff to be proud of, some stuff to forget.

My life has changed, and maybe I have too, but in the end it’s for the best.

I got my heart broken, I had my first kiss, I went to my first party, I got 100% on a test, I created a blog, I became a best friend, I got drunk, I started doing yoga. There are no ups and downs in life, just heartbeats, just breathes.

2015 is a new year, filled with new possibilities and opportunities.


A quick thank you

  • Thank you to my parents for keeping me alive for a whole year once again, by feeding me, clothing me but also loving me. Without those 2 people I wouldn’t be half the young woman I am, and I wouldn’t be half as happy. Yeah we fight, but at the end of the day none of it matters, because we still love each other and I can always turn to them.
  • Thank you to my best friends. This year we created memories and tried new things and lived our lives together. I go to an all girls school and so there is a constant sense of sisterhood, but with them it is different. They keep me together and on the right track. They know me better than I know myself, and at times remind me that it is OK to feel how I feel. For a large chunk of my life I never felt real human connection, but with them I don’t feel alone. When we hug, every worry and piece of bs in my life just feels insignificant. They are better than any boyfriend, their love isn’t so fickle.

Above everything else I just wanted to say thank you to you guys. I love this blog, and it has become my internet diary. You read my most messed up, freaky, poetic stuff and accept it. Thank you for reminding me that I have a voice and for showing me the good in the world, that we aren’t all perfect but we are all trying to do what we think is right.

Please enjoy your New Year and smile. Smile because you got through another 365, and you have another 365 ahead of you filled with opportunity.

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One thought on “12 Posts of Christmas – Day 11

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