12 Posts of Christmas – Day 9

I spent the day with my best friend and she sort of healed me.

Over the past month I have been feeling quite low again, feeling lonely, worried and if I am honest, depressed.

But today was so amazing. We had a trackies day, and we just bought a few christmas presents, came home and made jam and crisp sandwiches, talked and snuggled.

She fell asleep on me at one point and as I was falling asleep myself my thoughts were the kind of wibbly wobbly semiconscious thoughts. And I just remember thinking that I wasn’t alone, and that it was always going to be ok.

We talked a bit about how I had been feeling and hearing her talk about it made me feel a little less dark. Thankfully I wasn’t being treated like a china doll, because that makes me feel so uncomfortable. I’m not a gun with the safety catch off, I am just upset.She is there for me, as are so many others.

Everyday I am thankful for the people around me because while they are around I am never truly alone.

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