12 Posts of Christmas – Day 7

Okay so as some of you may know I have been trying novel writing again which isn’t going awfully and so I thought I might post my first page on here. The reason it starts with the season and then the name is because there are multiple perspectives in the book. And also there is some female issues mention so if you don’t like that kind of stuff you don’t have to read. For me the point of the book was to tell the truth about being 15 years old and totally useless so I feel like it is right to leave that stuff in. So yeah *coughs* here is my attempt at page 1.


Saz (Saskia)

It is very easy to love. To love is to give in to human nature, therefore it takes very little effort. To hate is harder, because hatred we are not born with. Hatred we have to learn.

“And frankly I hate Annabelle Holicott. She is an up herself, two faced, lying bitch, who can f**k off. But that is just my personal opinion of course.” Rebecca looks over at me, as I roll around on the floor, fairly off my face on the boozey concoction she cooked up for me, that contains mostly apple schnapps and Grey Goose Vodka. Her parents are loaded, not like Louise’s, but enough so they can afford the good stuff. Mine only drink white wine on a Friday and have a single bottle of Smirnoff for special occasions, so I rely on Rebecca as my vendor. “Saz I think you are a little wasted, would you like me to take the bottle you are currently rocking like an infant off you?” Beckie doesn’t drink since the incident in May, and we don’t really discuss that anymore. Just before I can tell her to, like Annabelle Holicott, f**k off, Charlotte Mack walks in, in a similar state of sobriety as myself. Staring at us with wide pupils, she talks like gunfire. “Guys, my period just started, I think I broke Nick’s staircase, Louise is getting off with Rammy, and, and it is nearly 4 o’clock.” I try to stand up and reply but the standing up part just results in me smacking my head off a wall, and the replying part just turns into a series of incoherent mumbles. Beckie, being the only non-intoxicated person in the entire house walks over to us both and hauls us down the – yes, very noticeably broken – stairs and goes in search of Louise, Rammy and the other 5 or so people inhabiting the house while Nicks parents were out. “Saz, drink some water and go help Charlotte with her Shark Week situation. I am going to go get everyone else. Rammy can order us another taxi.” I pace slowly over to the kitchen, and find the sink. Washing out an already used glass from the side board, I take a series of quick gulps and put the glass back down. The TV is on, sitting on top of one of the well polished, dark wood surfaces. Friends is playing, The One With All The Poker, and I admire Matthew Perry. In the early series he has always been attractive to me. He is the weird kind of hot that you cant explain to your friends. Just a certain quality that makes him irresistible. I hear Charlotte calling me from the toilet. “Sazzy, Saz, Sizzle Sazzle where are you? Did you find any tampons?” I rush, head spinning, totally unbalanced over to my bag in the hallway. I take out one of the tampons I have spare and walk over to where I think the toilet is, which subsequently turns out to be a I do an 180 degree turn and see Charlotte sitting on the look, pants and trousers completely down to her feet with the toilet door wide open. In her drunken state she has got blood on the toilet, sink and floor. The room looks like that scene in Carrie and I start to panic, throwing the tampon at her. “Just sort yourself out. I’m going to grab some, some. Oh shit, what are they called? Wipes, wet wipes.” I say, sloping off to the kitchen once again.


After my last post I took a little break because I was half way through the 12 days and a tad upset, so here we are back to the 12 Posts of Christmas. Thank you for all your support with this recently, especially with my current state, this is just what I needed.

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