12 Posts of Christmas – Day 3

My thoughts today whilst doing a 30 minute unplanned chemistry test. Please enjoy my insanity….

Ok, hydrocarbons, lets do this. Hydrocarbons wooooo, hydrocarbons.

Oh shit, right, put my name on it.

A hydrocarbon is…….oh we haven’t started.

You know it’s unfair of her to give us this test just because she can. Like we are a class of 24, we could over power her, sellotape her to her desk and do as we pleased. But then again we would be screwed if a teacher walked in. But if they didn’t we could just claim she had been under a lot of stress.

Oh God, I spent 5 minutes pondering the power of the masses. Right, bio fuels, go.

I literally cant stand her. Hang on hold the damn phone. Did she just say we can listen to christmas music next lesson. Bae, marry me. I love her.

Chemistry sucks.

I remember on Saturday when I nearly fell of the chair and then I got whatever all over me. Huh, my lip is still sore from the bottle I got thrown at me.

Lipbalm, lalala lipbalm.

My hands are dry, can i rub lip balm on them. Is that socially acceptable?

“I dreamed a dream in time gone by, before my chemistry teacher was being a sadist.”

Hydrogen fuels. What, we weren’t taught this. Did I pass out for an hour.

Thank God I didn’t pass out on Saturday, that would have been embarrassing.

“High for this, your gonna be high for this” music would make tests so much easier.

Oh Jesus why did I say that cheesy chat up line to the guy yesterday. I was so cringe worthy.

Maybe I should pop up to that other person tonight.



Pencil as a moustache. Penstache

One minute. OK chill. Just blitz it. You got 17/24 on the RS assessment yesterday without any revision. You can do it. Although she did write unbelievable on one part which brings up the question; is unbelievable a positive comment.

I suppose you can use lots of adjectives, hang on is it an adjective. Yeah k. I suppose you can use them positively and negatively.

Thank Jesus that is over.

24/40 bow down bitches.

Oh that was below average.

Probably need to stop texting in chemistry.

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5 thoughts on “12 Posts of Christmas – Day 3

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    “Sellotape her to a desk” WRITER X!!!!!
    “Bow down bitches” that line was perfectly placed. I know you had totally evil tests and all, but ILYSM and the post was amazing. ❤

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