12 Posts of Christmas – Day 2

I will not make myself small for you,
Be weak for you,
Bow my head and treat you as God,
Let you push me off my mantle piece.

I will not be frail for you,
Act as if I am unaware,
Play a game to make you love me,
Be treated like I am something you can play with as you please.

I will not give away my love so cheaply,
Like pennies to the poor,
Throwing it to you before you had a chance to earn it,
Before I can see who you are.

I will stand up to you,
Never to be trodden on,
Calling you out when you lose track of the truth,
Leaving you in the cold when you hurt me.

And if you still want me then,
Then I shall love you with every piece of me,
Bound to you by your acceptance of who I am,
And by the knowledge that you are the one I will remember.

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