Alone and Lonely

As humans we are all alone inside our own heads and at times that makes things hard. Cause no one can ever see your life the way you see it and no body is going to understand how you feel about something the way you do.

But if you’re lucky you can meet someone or some people who make you feel less alone inside your head. Yes, at times, you might want to scratch their eyes out or slap some sense into them. But when you find someone who you can trust and love as if they were your sister/brother, you have just won at life. Being able to confide in someone can save your life, maybe it saved mine, and always having someone to turn to means you can take on anything. So people are even lucky enough to find a partner who makes them feel this, and those relationships are the kind that last.

Of course being alone isn’t a bad thing. Being alone is not the same as feeling lonely. Being alone can be great for creativity, concentration,  self reflection and doing tasks that you like to do alone like working out or cooking. But feeling lonely is hard, especially when you feel like you have no one to reach out to. People are so wrapped up in their own lives that they can’t see that they need to spend some time with you, and as one of the population of the world I can officially say, we aren’t doing it on purpose.

Alone in the sense of a relationship status annoys me, because not being in a relationship doesn’t make you alone. I’m single but I have some of the best friends that are there for me, so I’m not alone. A relationship can’t fix loneliness; loneliness is a separate demon to dependency. Sometimes even in a relationship you can be alone. And the worse kind of relationship is the one you are alone in, because you can begin to feel like there is a big gap of white space between you are your significant other. If that person doesn’t understand you anymore, you don’t have to keep them around. Sometimes love isn’t enough because you’ve changed, but that is ok.

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2 thoughts on “Alone and Lonely

  1. olivia says:

    So true! It makes me sad when people stay with their partner out of fear of being alone. Being alone can be amazing and so empowering!!

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