Tales of car parks, fit guys at the gym and Michael Bublé

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Ok, I know I am being ridiculous but it is less than 6 weeks away!

In the car on the way to hockey on Tuesday, my friend put on her Christmas playlist and all of a sudden she, her mum and I were harmonizing to Michael Bublé’s ‘White Christmas’ cover with Shania Twain and smiling away as if the next few weeks of assessments were done and dusted. There is something so intrinsically smile worthy about Christmas. And yes it may only be half way through November, but this year I am no scrooge. The pessimist in me is being kept at bay by jumper-loving, chocolate-eating, nativity-decorating me.

This year I’m thinking about getting the best friends – I refer to the three of them like this sometimes because it’s just easier – these necklaces from notonthehighstreet.com, which you can get peoples initials stamped into. Expensive but worth it. I become a rather savvy shopper at this time of year because frankly, with all the presents that have to be bought, I can’t afford not to be. And then there is the ridiculous amount of social stuff that I have to save up for like my friend’s party, Nando’s with the girls, cinema trips.

Speaking of which the dresses I ordered for the party came but they really weren’t what I had been hoping for. The fabric on one was way to thin and sagged in the wrong places and then the other just wasn’t worth the £40s – yes £40s, I mean for goodness sake, it’s not even real leather – I had to pay. I had a minor break down due to the stress of it all but I got back on my feet and said a metaphorical f you to them. They are just dresses!

My whole fitness project is going well. Despite their cut I looked good in the dresses, especially around my stomach, wowie dieting and exercise works when you do it right! I went to the gym again today which was so much fun, apart from when I had to dash into a car park to avoid being seen. Confused? Well essentially I was walking from the train station to the gym with one of the girls in my year. Ladidadida, walking along, past other people from other school. And then suddenly I spotted these two guys I know. I glance at them from out of the corner of my eye. I tell the other girl next to me that I know them, and then she does a full 360 degree turn to look at them. Argh! Look it’s not that I am ashamed of going to the gym or anything – lots of girls from my school go and I am really proud of the work I am doing on my body – but I just didn’t want these guys to see me. They are the kind of guy mates who won’t ever let you live anything down. They waved and continued to follow us, so I spied the gym, only 200 yards up the road and ducked into the car park after making a quick farewell to my friend. I then had to swiftly speed walk through the maze of parked cars to avoid being seen.

Once I was in the gym I had a great session. Towards the end this really attractive guy my age came in and started on the running machine. He was looking at me and I looked at him. He started to speed up the treadmill and I sort of saw this as a challenge, and sped mine up too past the normal person speed. Needless to say I was exhausted after 15 minutes and just sort of wandered out into the changing rooms. Curse my competitive streak.

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