Trying Again

Like many vlogbrothers’ videos, this post comes to you in many parts. Part 1 – Guest Blogging Part 2 – Schedule changes Part 3 – Life craziness



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Seriously guys, the more the merrier, I would adore to have some other bloggers posts on here!


My life is getting busy. Like I’m actually using the reminders and calender on my phone, kind of busy. So yes I have been neglecting this blog. But alas, no more, change is coming.
After receiving the One Lovely Blog Award, I realized how well everything is going in all aspects of my life. But balance is important and I can’t just stop blogging because frankly, it makes me happier than a lot of things in my life. And I have all these pre-written posts ready.

So I’m re-jigging the schedule;

Musical Mondays – Basically Musical Thursdays, just on a Monday.

Topic Tuesdays – The same as before.

Video Wednesdays  RIP

True Thursdays – Real life stuff, how I am doing, a mix of Mental Health Mondays and lifestyley type stuff.

Photography Fridays – The same as before.

Spontaneous Saturdays – The same as before.

Story-time Sundays  RIP

I have basically cut down my days in order to produce better, less rushed posts. I am going to try and do more of a mix of poetry and opinion pieces but it all depends how I am feeling.

Life wise everything is going really well 🙂

The new fitness regiment is doing well and I got my gym membership yesterday. I went for my first session today and I am absolutely knackered but it feels good to work on my body. I’m also trying to eat less crap, which is going good too but I still detest tomatoes.

I got accepted for my rowing trial, which means in March my life could get a whole hunk crazier if I get in full time. I am improving at hockey and I enjoy getting my anger out with out. Smacking a ball against my stick is rather therapeutic. Ooooooh and I have started doing yoga at home. Cleanse le shakra and all that.

I have applied for my school’s Duke of Edinburgh course, but there are limited places so once again things could get crazy if I get in because I need to do an extra 2 hours a week for my volunteering and skill. Luckily hockey covers my physical activity. And I also have my first ever babysitting job tomorrow night. Only an hour but I’m still excited.

School is exhausting, but I think I am keeping up with the GCSE work well. I need to get into coffee to stay awake in Chemistry.

Well that’s all for today. I think. To be honest I will have forgotten something but yeah. Oh well.

*collapses from tiredness*

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