MHM – Lies leave me alone

Hi, I’m sorry it has been a while and that I haven’t been posting every day. You don’t want to hear the excuses and I don’t want to explain so let us be British and Keep Calm and Carry On.

Each thought,
Every thought,
Every damn second,
Doesn’t stop hurting.

You aren’t real,
You’re not real,
You’re everything I need,
What is this loneliness.

The cool winds touch,
There is a gentle breeze,
There is nothing more,
Wishing you were here.

Unified by forces unseen,
Until forces change their mind,
Until the rest is white noise,
Reality is a cruel crash.

Actual pain,
Actually killing me,
Actually leaving me broken,
Now there is a scar.

I need more than this,
I wished for more than you,
I wished for a better life,
Lies leave me alone.

This is not Thursday, so this post isn’t inspired by a song and I know that you’re probably thinking that this doesn’t have much to do with mental health but it does, because this is the back end of the depression and the desperation that comes from being knocked down when you were getting back up. There is a soundtrack to this poem, because there always is to my work. Here are three songs that I wrote this too, they fit my feelings, each in their own ways. None of them explain how I feel, because they each represent a part of this feeling (what I want, what I feel in the sense of loss and then what is really going on in the core of it) but together they paint a damn good picture of this nothingness. Whatever the hell this is. And I’m sorry that this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I hope that if someone else feels this, that they find in comfort in knowing that they aren’t the only one feeling blank, alone, nothing.

What I want

What I feel

What is real

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6 thoughts on “MHM – Lies leave me alone

  1. midsthope says:

    “Lies that you ever litsen and deny to it but its the fact so cant even hide from it”
    Hi that is one lyric from my poem which i am working on bt it feels like relevant to this post so hope u like it☺

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