Halloween Edition TT – Staying in the year?

Welcome to Spooky Week here at thoughtsfromthespareroom. As you can tell by my creepy new background, I am feeling the freaky vibe. All this week I will be posting Halloween Edition posts. Happy Halloween my lovelys, keep your wits about you and gorge on candy for this is the time we remember the things that scare and shock us.

Today I have produced a little staying in pack for those of you – like myself – who aren’t going partying/trick or treating/raising the dead with your coven and are staying in this year. Below are the top 5’s this Halloween, including links to IMDB pages, recipes and YouTube soundtracks. Enjoy your feast, movie marathon and decorations, and remember to stay updated for more Halloween themed posts this week 🙂

Top 5 Films

  1. Vampire’s Suck – A great spoof of twilight, not exactly high brow, but if your looking for a good laugh and your don’t want an awful rom-com, go for this.
  2. Shaun of the Dead – Another comedy, but with added gore and some adult section. This is my favorite zombie movie, and is a true British classic.
  3. Saw – Personally I don’t find the Saw series that scary because it’s just gore but some people get pretty freaked out by it. Lots of gore and death related challenges, a good base level horror movie.
  4. Sinister – This one is extremely freaky, with many jump scares and a decent, mildly plausible plot line.
  5. The Woman in Black – My first horror film! Lots and lots of jump scares, a good film for those who want a little horror but don’t want nightmares.

5 songs

  1. The whole Rocky Horror soundtrack – Because god-dammit Janet, you need to watch and appreciate that film. It is literally the best musical in the history of horror comedy musicals.
  2. Zombie – Jamie T is the best 🙂
  3. Thriller – iWe all love the dance, lets be honest.
  4. Ghostbusters – Another great movie you should watch, but the song is fab too.
  5. I put a spell on you – Something a little bit more mature, very jazzy and the sort of thing you dance alone to in the living room.

5 foods

  1. Banana ghosts – For those of you like me who are attempting to stay fairly healthy this year, this is a nice treat that might be classed as one of your five a day. It is Halloween for heavens sakes.
  2. Orange Pumpkin face cookies – Very cute and easy to make before hand.
  3. Orange and Chocolate Spider Cakes– These are adorable and great for those who enjoy a good baking session.
  4. Eyeball Pops– Decorative and fun to make, I had a few too many of these last year.
  5. Hot Dog Fingers – As a vegetarian, not my favourite, but for those of you who like meat, I thought these looked funny and cool to make.

2 easy-to-do decorations

  1. Pumpkins – No link needed here. Walk to Tescos/where ever you do your shopping and grab a pumpkin of any size. Use a dry wipe marker and draw a face. Proceed to cut, scoop and mould that pumpkin to your hearts desire.
  2. Candles – I have an unhealthy addiction to candles, which makes me a tad basic, but oh well.

5 things to remember

  1. Candy for the kiddies – Remember to pick up candy/sweets/chocolates for any children who might be coming around trick or treating. Pre-wrapped sweets like drumsticks, moaoms etc are the best and most sanitary.
  2. Community – If you don’t want trick or treaters bothering you all night, respectfully let your neighbours know. Also try to stay alert about tricksters, if they are prevalent in your area.
  3. It is ok to not be bothered – If you absolutely detest Halloween that’s fine. Just don’t be a Halloween grinch to everyone else, it kills our vibe.
  4. Use up left overs – If you end up with what feels like years worth of chocolate left over, melt it all down, mix in with crushed up biscuits or marshmallows and leave it to set in a tray in the fridge. And their you have Writer X’s famous tray chocolate. It is also great around Christmas and Easter.
  5. Blog, blog, blog – Let me know what you are doing this year in the comments, heck, let everyone know. Take some good photos, writer some great poetry. Stay creative and fabulous.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Edition TT – Staying in the year?

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    I LOVE these lists!
    Two things:
    Woman in Black – ahhhhh apparently it’s SCARY AS HECK. A friend wants us all to watch it on Friday and I’m a bit o.O tbh!
    And second, on the food bit, I’m happy with Halloween food because I’m seeing all these cool Halloween-y Jaffa cake bar things in co-op 😀 made me think of those 🙂

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