Halloween Edition MHM – Anxiety increases

Welcome to Spooky Week here at thoughtsfromthespareroom. As you can tell by my creepy new background, I am feeling the freaky vibe. All this week I will be posting Halloween Edition posts, and today’s is the first. Happy Halloween my lovelys, keep your wits about you and gorge on candy for this is the time we remember the things that scare and shock us.

At this time of year my anxiety level goes way up, because the nights draw in, there are more parties and social events that get under my skin. For example because of the clocks going back today, when I was trying to get home from a shopping trip with some friends, it was dark. And getting back from where we were is hard anyway because I have to use a plethora of public transport. But for me the dark and the threats that come  with it get a little much. So tonight I was getting panicky and worried, and because of who I was with hugs and a sit down were not an option. I got home in the end, all safe and sound and I executed my plan perfectly.

As the dark encroaches, things seem a whole lot worse than they are. It’s obvious the weather and light effects peoples moods, so remember to stay aware of the influences at work.

Anxiety/ Panic attacks are absolutely awful and should be avoided, but don’t stop yourself not going to things or seeing people because you fear them. The fear of the anxiety heightens the anxiety.

Just remember BOSS (I came up with this myself 🙂 and I think it is actually quite good, if I do say so myself)

B – Breathe. Breathing is one of the key things in controlling panic and anxiety. Just give yourself a few breathes.

O – Observe. Look at the situation and calmly think it through. Work out what is upsetting/triggering you.

S – Stay Safe. Move away from the trigger or change the situation you are in so that you feel safe and can feel your symptoms fading.

S – Smile. Smiling helps, even if there isn’t emotion behind it, trust me science has proven so. Smiling and acting fairly normal also helps in situations where you can’t/don’t want to explain your anxieties to people.

Also I just wanted to say thank you, love you and life goes on. If you read this post, that means you care about my little blog, and therefor I care for you too. Thank you for your love and support everyone. Your the reason I’ve done as well as I have with this. Without you I wouldn’t have the confidence to write, photograph and talk to people about the crazy stuff that goes on in my head ❤

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