TT – Little that mattered then

Little that mattered then,
matters now.
Little the matters now,
will matter then.
Little then will matter then,
will matter now.

I have a past that I carry around in my head,
Secrets that are mine to keep,
Pain that is mine to feel,
All wrapped up and locked away.

I have a future filled with answers to my current questions,
A bridge above an endless obis,
Forming with each each choice,
I cannot walk back.

Knowing all I know now,
I see the regrets not as regrets,
Not as mistakes,
Just scars on the landscape of my past.

Knowing what little I know now,
I see my plans not as plans,
Not as dreams,
Just pathways yet to be built.

All I have to hold onto is the every changing present,
Who wrestles my grip upon every incidence,
Propelled only by times power,
Unable to push myself in the right direction.

So maybe it’s just best if I just let go,
Of my past,
Of my present,
Of my future.

Because I’m grasping at straws,
And in the end it won’t matter,
I will end up where I need to,
Moved around on fate biased chessboard.

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