Story-time Sunday – Best day/Worst day

So in Looking for Alaska by John Green, – My favorite JG book (sorry TFiOS fans) – they main characters play a drinking game called Best Day/Worst Day and whoever’s story is the best doesn’t have to drink, while the rest do.

Now putting aside all the underage drinking, I thought I would tell the story of my Best Day and Worst Day. And the stories aren’t whole and going from a to b, because that isn’t how I remember. Memories aren’t always lateral and easy to recall.

Best Day

The best day – day specifically excluding nights – was early on in the summer. It was local fair and I went back to someones house and had my first kiss and banged my head. I tried whiskey and lay of the sofa bed giggling to myself for a while. I sat on the couch with my friends downstairs while we watched a TV program I don’t remember. And when we went back to the fair we went on rides and then I had to run down the hill to find a toilet because the public ones were vile. And then right at the end of it we went and got chips, done in the same oil as meat, making it a little bit of a rebellion – since I’m pescatrian – and they tasted like heaven after a day of craziness. It was the best day of my life because it was the day I started to have faith in life, the day I realized everything is going to be ok.

Worst Day

The worst day – was around 6 years ago. I was in year 3 at school and it was pancake day, so we were having a carnival because apparently that’s what everyone does on Shrove Tuesday. And I was wearing this pink sequined dress, that was picked out by my mother. And at this time I was a chubby kid. Like I weighed 45kg at the age of 9 or 10. So there was this guy in my class who was cute and all the girls had a crush on him, including me, and he came up to speak to me. And he says ‘You look pregnant in that dress’ and walks away. At the time it didn’t hurt and I got over it. But over time it ate away at me as I grew up. And to this day those 6 words have stayed with me. For years I looked in the mirror and cried at what I saw. Even when I reached a healthy, average weigh, I was unhappy. To this day I try to lose weight, but now it is for me and not for that stupid little boy who doesn’t even remember saying that to me.

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2 thoughts on “Story-time Sunday – Best day/Worst day

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    That mean boy…but I’m happy that he isn’t influencing any actions; as in, what you do isn’t for him, but for YOU. You are the most important person here 🙂
    Stay epic 🙂

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