Nothing changes


no drug can heal how I feel,
no diet can make the pain go away,
no drink can make me forget,
no love can fix my cracks.

nothing fills the holes of my soul,

nothing changes


I apologize for swearing but I felt like in the context it fits, because I am angry about this stuff.

Everything is fine right now, but I just wanted to make a point. For a long-arse-time I thought that if I could find somebody to love me, my problems would be fixed, because if someone else could love me, I could love myself. And like every other little girl I was spoon fed the same ‘value yourself by your relationships status’ bullshit. So when the time came and I grew up, that’s what I believed.

But part of me getting better has been about dealing with my own shit, and coming to terms with the fact that only you can fix yourself. And it is totally backwards; how can you expect someone to love you if you can’t love yourself. And finding some to love you doesn’t help fix problems, and sometimes it can just cause more of them.

I don’t need the hassle surrounding feelings and fights.

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