I used to think that life could be put into an equation, that you could tell what your life is worth based on the answer to this equation.

But that isn’t how it works.

Life can’t be valued by this.

Life can be valued by those moments, the ones that stay with you forever.

The snapshots of true happiness.

Driving in a car with the top down surrounded by your favorite people, discovering cities with your significant others, a walk to school when the sun seemed bright but the are was cool.

Life is about taking this moments and having more of them.

And the reason why I value my life on them is because they are random, you can’t recreate them.

You catch them the same way you catch butterflies, you can keep them for a second, remember them, and then let them go.

Maybe I just enjoy nostalgia, but I will always look back on those moments, thankful for the life I lived



5 thoughts on “Value

  1. lightthelie says:

    So true! That’s why I try not be the person always taking photos of every memory. If we are taking photos we may miss the opportunity to fully enjoy the moment! It will come and go too quickly.

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