Don’t cry anymore sweetie

Don’t cry anymore sweetie,
It’s all gonna be ok,
Even after all that’s happened,
He was a d**k anyway.

You made a mistake,
And a big one at that,
But what’s done is done,
You just have to live with that.

I’ve done all I can to help you,
And I know you know that too,
You will always be able to cry on my shoulder,
You can take my honest point of view.

Brownies and a good film aren’t going to make this better,
So I will just stand by,
There when you need me,
To me you never have to lie.

He was part of your life,
Just as I am now,
And I know it’s going to get better,
Despite how you feel now.

Heartbreak is like a punch to your chest,
But it lasts longer than most physical pain,
And little advice I can give you,
Don’t expect me to make any claim.

Your my sister and I will stand by you,
Please stay strong,
All you have to do is wade it out,
You won’t have to wait to long.


The rhyming is bad, but I gave it my best shot. This is for someone who deserves to know how loved she is and how important she is to my life as many others. We all make mistakes and that’s ok, everything can turn out for the best if you give it a chance.

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