Oh my lord

Oh my lord my heart is racing,

I can barely breath,

The air is catching in my throat.


My heart is pumping,


But I feel nothing.


My mouth works,

But nothing is coming out,

I look like a mime.



As the chair refuses to support me,

My feet above my head.


Lying on the floor,

Faces watching me,

Saying words I cannot hear.


They are asking me to breath,

And I try,

But it’s not enough.


My eyes are flicking shut,

One of the girls above me shouts,

And then someone pulls out their phone.


Sleep engulfs me unnaturally,

The cold creeping in from all sides,

Everything is turning black.


2 thoughts on “Oh my lord

  1. Safe.Amanda says:

    Wow! This is amazing. It perfectly describes all I feel every day. Wonderful post, however, I am sorry you have felt this way too. My heart goes out to you ❤

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