Black to Blue

photo (20)photo (21)


There is more to a sea than drowning,

There is more to a cliff than falling,

There is more to a rock than broken bones.

Help yourself see the  second picture rather than the first. Don’t give into to your demons because you can and will fight back. I am in a good place right now and I want to tell everyone who is suffering that you can be too. And to everyone who has recovered, give yourself some love because it’s hard. It is really f*%£ing hard to get better and to stop feeling awful.

To me the first picture was what I saw when I was really depressed and filled with anxiety. And the second is what I see now. That picture could be brighter and better but it is not. It is honest and real and how I want to live my life.

Copyright to myself (photos from Corisca 2014)

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