Being thankful

Song to go with You & I by Crystal Fighters. I would link it but my laptop refuses to do it :/

Today I thought I would talk about being thankful. So at 3am, this morning lying in a tiny tent with some I couldn’t do without, I realized how much I have to be thankful for. And I think sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we have a lot to be thankful for because as every annoying optimist says ‘life could always be worse’.

Firstly I am thankful for the holiday that I about to go on. I love night before crazy last minute packing, excessive food consumption before anything goes out of date, and the fact I have to long division to get myself to sleep. I love the 4am wake up with butterflies in my stomach, excited for the day ahead. I love the cold car journey to the airport with my favorite songs playing and the way my face feels when I leave it make up free after weeks of wearing it. I love the easy security walk through and the mutual supportive looks the staff and passengers exchange at that time in the morning. I love getting my plane meal that – due to my pesceterianism – always ends up being vegan and subsequently low in any nutrition. I love being able to turn off from the world from a few hours due to the lack of wifi. Oh yeah and then there is the actual holiday 🙂 . I have a love of travelling.

And also as I found out this week for stationery, but that is a story for another time

Secondly I am thankful for my friends, who put up with me and love me for the mentalist I am. They let my through random – and normally grammatically incorrect – friendly insults at them when they do something idiotic. They support me when I do stupid stuff, or they do it with me i.e. sleeping in a tent in the rain. We have sung and made up dance routines to ‘Respect’ and shown them off to their siblings. We have end of year traditions and still haven’t watched The Great Gatsby together. They have put up with the ‘feelings’ I have had for certain people and whined about for months.They listen to me when I have life altering revelations such as ‘I’M ALIVE!’ and help me deal with the shit stuff life throws at me. And they support me with this, my insignificant but exsistant corner of the internet.

Next I am thankful for the year ahead of me. I get another year to try and fail at being top of the class. Another year to get into stupid fights, forget my kit in PE, be a little bit socially retarded and to actually learn more and become a better person. I love the fact I can sponge of the school wifi and now wear nail polish to school 🙂 . I love that my school is like my second home and even though I might moan about it, the school and people in it have helped me in way I can’t truly appreciate now.

I am thankful for time and how she has treated me kindly. I love that I can rekindle old friendships and visit the people who meant so much to me. I’m thankful that in the last 5 years I have come so far, and found some of the best people in the world right on my door step. And honestly I’m thankful for the fact that relationships grow and change.

And I’m thankful that the people around me have found happiness and that I’m on my way there. Good people deserve to find good people and have a happy ending.

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3 thoughts on “Being thankful

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    Loved this.

    Especially the good people deserve to find good people and have a happy ending


    made me tear up :’)

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