Life stuff (tired talking)

Ok so my goal at the moment is to get a decent post out every 2-3 days, but today it just hasn’t been working. So on Monday I started up a new fitness plan – and no it is not a diet, it is simply more exercise and better food (not less) – and it has just taken it out of me a bit.I swam and ran yesterday and did a full workout today. I mean before I wasn’t eating badly on a day to day basis, but I wasn’t exercising and that’s the problem. Because before I was walking to and from school every day which is around 3 miles in total. Yes not a lot, but it managed to probably off the 100 calories I shouldn’t have been eating.

Which during school time was the canteens chocolate cornflake bars. OMG I LOVE THEM. I am so hungry now.

So yeah, I am a little bit out of it, but I have been writing! I have been working on chapter 1 of my new story, which you can visit the prologue of by clicking this smiley 🙂

My mum bought me this beautiful stripy, multicolored A4 pad to do all my rough writing in. Thank you mumzie, love you (since you are probably going to read this when you go on one of your blog stalking sprees).

Anyway, Jesus I am losing my train of thought the whole reason why I am writing this post is to tell you that I am going to be away on holiday from the 17th til the 31st so who knows what will happen with posts. I was originally going to write a load of posts before and then schedule them for every 2 days, but this is thoughtsfromthespareroom. The most flaky blog on in the internet. So yes be prepared for an absence.

Love y’all and I am sorry for taking 211 words to get to the actual point of a post. Brain =/= functioning today.

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