Looking back and then forward (Goals 2014-2015)

For me a year ends twice. Once on December 31st and once on the day I break up from school. And in both cases I like to set resolutions for the future. Not because of tradition, or to make change but to absolve my mistakes of the previous year. I like to look back and think I won’t do that again this year, even if  I know I will. And of course I like to set goals for things I want to achieve this year. So here they are. Hopefully by posting them on here I might actually stick to them.

For life

  1. I will be more social and say yes to more invitations. I will go to parties and meet new people.
  2. I will be fun. I will let go and forget about the anxiety. I will stop caring as much about what people think.
  3. I wont have feeling for anyone I know, no matter my history with them, no matter if they have feelings for me.
  4. I will be a better friend. I will stop making everything about me and start caring about other people choices and achievements more.
  5. I will start eating better and going on runs/working out, because I am actually surprisingly strong and sporty.
  6. I won’t spend as much time up in this room on my laptop.
  7. I will watch more movies, read more books and listen to better music in order to be more cultured.
  8. I will start singing lessons or learn some kind of instrument.
  9. I will join at least 2 clubs inside or outside of school.
  10. I will work on myself and the issues I face. I won’t fall into a pit of depression and stress because of GCSEs or friendship crap.

For the blog

  1. I will spend more time writing higher quality posts, rather than pushing out lots of awful small ones.
  2. I will write 3 compartmentalized short stories minimum, with each part containing 500- 1500 words.
  3. I will write more opinion pieces and pieces about issues that interest me.
  4. I will work on my photography and take more photographs in general.
  5. I won’t worry as much about the amount of likes and comments on each post.
  6. I will spend more time publicizing my work and be proud of my achievements.
  7. I will reach 500 followers by this date next in a years time.
  8. I will spend more time talking to the amazing people who support my blog.
  9. I will be funnier and less boring in my posts

For school

  1. I will learn to balance school work with my blog, social life and hobbies.
  2. I will work hard and make good notes in all my subjects.
  3. I will learn to accept that being wrong is OK.
  4. I won’t get caught up in comparing myself to others. I will just focus on doing the best I can.
  5. I will buy a gorgeous yet functional school bag, as well as all my stationery for next year.
  6. I won’t let friends distract me too much from my studies, because they understand that working hard is important to me.
  7. I won’t get my phone confiscated.
  8. I will buy and then subsequently wear lots of new nail polishes to school.

Thank you for reading. I hope I’m not the only one who sets up lists of goals and to-do’s before the year has even started.

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