Until infection do us part (Short story teaser 3)

‘I haven’t got a fucking clue anymore. Being a leader, it felt so good in the beginning, you know.’ I said taking a swig from the now half empty bottle. ‘But now I’m just going to get everyone killed. And then everything stops, because for the last 3 days this is all I have had. My parents are dead, so are many of my friends. All I have left is their lives.’ I took another sip of the vodka. I loved the warm, cozy feeling it gave off as it trickled down the back of my throat.

My audience were extremely unamused. ‘Just because Harry’s dead doesn’t mean everyone else is going to join him. Eva grow up, get some balls and drop the bottle. We have all lost people, just because you were in love with him doesn’t make him special,’ said Niamh. And then I grabbed her by the neck. ‘Don’t you fucking dare. Don’t insult me. I loved him yes, but that’s not the only reason I am drinking. I am drinking because the all the people who would try to stop me are gone, and I’m in charge. Don’t make me remind you of that.’ And then I let go, sat back down and began to nurse my bottle once again.

There was a knock on the door. ‘Eva, there is someone here to see you.’

After a local bio-experimental lab releases a hoard of seemingly undead test subjects, Eva Garrow must battle to stay alive. She has to take care of not just herself but the rest of her school. She has to make some hard decisions and learns that love is not eternal.



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