Love is really complicated

Quick side note: I’m back in the UK but my life is sort of taking off at the minute so posts are going to be less frequent. Also chapter 7 is coming along, just extremely slowly.

Not very long ago I used to believe that there was ‘the one’ for everyone on earth. And that love was simple, eternal and kind.

And there was someone in my life who I thought was that person for me. And I loved them. But life happened and I left him behind because that is what had to be done.

And it took sometime, but I got over him. I was standing at the funeral of everything that was us, and I was ok with that.

But of course, of bloody course, he came back into my life. And it has really messed with me. That is the honest truth. Because now I don’t know how to feel anymore.

This boy was a huge part of my life and when I left behind that part of me I was really lost. And lots of the early stuff on here was written about him, and about getting over the idea of us being together.

I don’t want to come across as moaning and a love lorn teenager, but I just want to be honest. This place is where I can be myself and recently I didn’t really know how to say all this stuff.

I just needed to write so thank you for listening service will resume shortly.

Writer X


2 thoughts on “Love is really complicated

  1. The Sleepy BookNerd says:

    Blogging community is great for being yourself. No one knows exactly what you’ve been through all they can see is your brilliance and that’s why people follow you. X πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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