Of Mayflies and Men, Chapter 6

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Somehow, god only knows how, I made it onto a train and got back home around 1:30 pm, only a half hour late. My parents had stayed up late to watch a movie, or so they said, so I was great at the door. ‘How was London? Did you enjoy the party?’ Of course my mother tried to cover up the worry in her voice, but it wasn’t going too well. But it had probably been the best Saturday night of my life. So I went upstairs and took of the make up, even though 90% of it had already come off or was halfway down my face. And after that I practically fell into bed.

Beep, beep, beep.

It was 11am and my phone was ringing. And as I woke from my dazed sleep I realized it was Rose calling. Despite myself and my current hungover state, I answered it. ‘Yo child, we are in Starbucks. Come meet us.’ The first words to come out of Rose’s mouth were like a thousand needles being stabbed into my head. ‘Rose, I am hungover and I look like someone died.’ I paused for a second.’But I will be there in 15.’ And then I hung up the phone.

‘So I told her that she could p**s off back to Newcastle, because I wasn’t going to go with her.’ Josh and Alex were laughing as Adam told them some awful story. ‘There she is!’ Rose said, running over and hugging me. ‘Ugh 3 boys are too much for me, save me!’ She whispered in my ear as we walked back over to the cup-filled table. ‘Someone looks like they drank more than they care to talk about last night.’ Alex said as I sat down. ‘I guess the sunglasses are a bit of a give away in 15 degrees with kilometers of clouds above.’ I replied taking off the RayBans that had been my shield on the walk over. The fluorescent lights above made me want to throw up, so I suggested we go elsewhere.

So we went over to the local town of Cantley, where a certain milkshake shop was located, whose milkshakes banish hangovers but are sadly around 1000 calories. I choose to get over the hangover and risk getting fat, because I was dying anyway. ‘I’ll pay since I got you into the party that led to that hangover,’ Alex said smiling at me. For a second I thought he fancied me but then I resurfaced and realized it was Alex; king of the flirts.The shop smelt of milk and cinnamon. And the cozy couches made it feel more like a common room than a place to eat.

Our eyes locked.

And I just knew.

He was sitting in the far corner reading a book. He was genuinely gorgeous, as in my-pants-dropped-the-second-I-saw-him gorgeous. Fierce, massive blue eyes, coiffed fair hair and pearly white teeth on show. His skinny jeans and t-shirt fitted perfectly as if tailored to him. He was wearing ‘hipster’ black rim glasses that suited his face well.

Oh Christ.

I realized I was staring and looked away quickly. My short black lace skirt and tie t-shirt looked dirty and old in comparison to his clean look. I ordered my shake and went to sit down with the others. Whilst everyone was chatting I sneaked cheeky glances at him, and he watched me the whole time. And I decided I needed to start taking some risks, since I had little to loose at this point. I stood up and grabbed my purse. ‘What are you doing?’ Alex asked, looking quizzically into my eyes. ‘I’m just going over there to talk to that guy,’ I replied absent mindedly. He gave me a look that almost scared me, but I went over and approached the stranger. ‘Gatsby, it’s a great book.’ I mentioned, as I saw what he was reading.

‘Yes it is.’ He replied, looking me straight in the eyes. His voice was like melted chocolate, so rich and deep. ‘I’m Fredrick, but most people call me Freddie.’ I smiled at him and sat down on the stool across from him. ‘I’m Electra.’ I said nervously, not sure what else to say. What was appropriate? Nobody ever tells you how to talk to strangers. My mum would probably give me a ‘stranger danger’ chat. ‘Well, how many times have you read Gatsby?’ he asked placing the book back into his messenger bag. ‘About 5 or 6 times, it’s one of my favorite books. I love the 20’s.’ I replied, feeling a little stupid. ‘Well this is my first time, um, reading the book that is.’

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