Of Mayflies and Men, Chapter 5

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I ran out of the hospital, right out the doors and into the street. And I ran home, and for the first time in my life I felt free. The wind whipped through my hair, I truly had nothing to lose.

I practically kicked in the front door when I got home after the 20 minute run. I went up the stairs and grabbed my handbag, a black leather vintage Chanel passed down to me from my grandmother and put my purse and some essentials in it. I jumped in the shower and washed my body, with my hair tied up in a bun. As I got out my mother arrived at the house fuming. ‘ELECTRA, you come down here right NOW.’ But I wasn’t going to take orders from her. I touched up my make, sprayed on deodorant and threw on some party outfit I hadn’t worn in years. ‘I’m going into London, I will be back by 1am and I promise to let you know what I’m upto.’ I said as I ran fell down the stairs whilst putting on my heels. ‘Mum you’ve got to let me live. Let me be me.’ I announced, as I ran to the front door. And despite what I thought of her she let me go. ‘Ok, I will see you soon. I love you El always remember that.’ She replied and I kissed her on the cheek.

The train station was 5 minutes up the road and was on the Met line direct into London. I called Rose, Emily and some others to see if they wanted to come. None of the girls could come so it was just me and Alex, another one of the guys I knew. He was a regular partier and had lived in the city for a while, so I trusted him to be my guide. I let my mum know I would be with him, via a cheeky text and we got on the 5:30 fast train. We were at Finchley road in no time, then onto West Hampstead and our first destination – Camden Road. We got off and rushed up the stairs to go to Camden. Alex had been at the picnic and was curious to know more about my death. ‘So hows the whole bucket list thing working out for you? Got anything ticked off?’ He asked as we meandered through the streets. I hadn’t got anything crossed off yet, but I didn’t want to look stupid. ‘Only a few things, but this is one of them.’ I replied, trying to act chilled. Alex was a great guy and everyone liked him. He was really popular and well known. In fact when I had first got to know him I used to get so nervous and worried that I would come across as boring and geeky. ‘Yeah, well if you need help with anything involving boys I’m at your disposal.’ He mentioned with a cheeky wink. A look of shock passed across my face. ‘Um, thanks for the offer but you have Mia (his friend with benefits) and stuff.’ I replied trying to seem calm. ‘Oh god no. I didn’t mean that, I meant I could set you up with someone.’ He said, looking equally shocked. We then simultaneously shuddered at the thought. Alex was like my big brother. Ew, no. Just no.

We grabbed a few water vapour Shisha pens from the market, along with some bubble tea and a new phone case for me. It read ‘Death is no demon, she is an angel’ in black block font, on top of  a teal background. ‘Bit morbid don’t you think?’ Alex asked when I got it. I shrugged. It wasn’t morbid to me. ‘I think the teal saves it. Teal is a very non-morbid, happy colour.’ I replied trying to lighten up the mood. By this point it was nearly 7 so we took the train to Hyde Park to get a little sun and to meet up with some friends of Alex’s.

After meeting up with them we headed over to someone’s house. They were having a crazy house party, everyone attending was under 18, but there was a bouncer at the door. I couldn’t quite believe that some random London kid could afford a bouncer. Probably borrowing from daddy.

That night was a blur. I remember having a few  (this time it was genuinely a few) drinks, a Shisha pen or two and I made out with lots of guys. But it was strictly making out. I might have been dying, but I definitely wasn’t going to rush into anything, unless I was ready. However for the majority of the evening I was just chatting to the other girls at the party. I made quite a few new friends, including one girl named Kiki who was there with her boyfriend Mitch. She was a model and spent a lot of time complementing me on my cheekbones. Of course the prominence of my cheek bones was actually due to the whole dying thing, but I didn’t point that out to her, because – not to sound bitchy – I didn’t want her to go ahead and try to get some terminal disease because she wanted prominent cheek bones. Models can go to extreme lengths to do things and I didn’t want dying to become the latest diet fad. But yes death sort of became me.

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