The Anti-Vanity Project 2014

So for the last 4 days I have been doing something a little different; I haven’t checked my appearance from 8am-4pm, straightened my hair or worn any make up. That is essentially 8 hours of my prime time, where I  didn’t look into shiny surfaces, do my eyeliner or use heat on my hair. Admittedly I did was and dry my hair as usual, but on the cool setting to avoid using heat.

Why did I do this?

It originally started out as a lazy, rough Monday morning where I couldn’t be bothered, but then it became my Anti-Vanity Project. The whole idea of it is to promote the idea of self worth but not vanity. I feel that as a teenage girl, we value ourselves on our appearance too much. And by not looking in a mirror at all for 8 hours a day, I hoped to find out what it was like to value yourself on more than your appearance.

What did I find out?

That actually not looking in every shiny object available does you a lot of good. When you stop worrying about the way you look, you start to focus on the stuff that matters. But the thing that shocked me the most was how I looked without the makeup on. Normally I would only see myself without it on for a few minutes before and after bed, but now I was seeing it all the time and it surprised me. I feel like make up became a mask for me. That no matter what my body was going through growth/maturing wise, my face would like the same every day. Make up gives consistency, an unreal consistency. I hate to say this but I have really changed in the last year I have been wearing make up and straightening my hair. And I like the me I have become. I actually look….older. You see I am renowned for my baby face among my friends, but I think 75% of it was the make up. I also started to realize that actually sometimes its good to take a break and give your skin and hair sometime to regroup.

Get Involved

Ok, so I would love it if some of you are interested and  would like to try it out. The whole point of this was to focus on the important things and love yourself for more than your face, and I’m extremely grateful to anyone who wants to spread the message. So if you are interested please let me know i.e drop me an email or a comment and we can all help encourage self worth based on more than appearance!

I can understand that this is a little ramble-ish but my brain is a little fried at the moment. Love y’all, stay strong. 😉

Writer X


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