Love taught me

Love taught me that things get better,
That there is always a better tomorrow,
That somebody cares about you no matter what ,
And that happiness is around every corner.

Love taught me that lying is no different to emitting something,
That people screw you over,
That people aren’t always who you think they are,
That life will try to kill your dreams.

Love taught me that sacrifice is everything,
That you will always love people more than they love you,
That sometimes crying is necessary,
That pain is necessary.

Love taught me how it feels to fall,
How  it feels to love,
How it feels to break,
How it feels to recover.

Love taught me to be myself,
To love unconditionally,
To get hurt,
To know what love is.

Love taught me that everyone is beautiful,
That everyone wants and deserves love,
That love is about more than the physical,
That I don’t need anything as long as I am loved and can love others.


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