Of Mayflies and Men, Chapter 4

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A little bit tipsy and emotional I walked home from the party with Rob, Rose and Josh. I’d had a massive crush on him earlier on in the year and he had turned me down rather cruelly. But after a Halloween party where I dressed up as a ‘Naughty Cat’ where I had 3 red bulls and drank some god awful concoction of rum, vodka, coke and possibly tequila, things had been sorted out pleasantly. But sadly I still thought about kissing him sometimes, as all girls do with ex-crushes. It’s not like I had any other kind of Ex to fantasize about. Around 5 minutes after Rob broke off from the group to walk to his (him and Rose shared a cheeky kiss) I started to feel the 3rd wave of drunkenness kick in. I started to wrap my arm around Josh and like the classy girl I was, I starting telling him how much I loved him. ‘Um, thanks, but we need to get you home Miss. I fear you have had a little to much to drink.’ He replied, saving me as I was just about to start singing ‘if you fancy Josh and you know it clap your hands’. With Rose’s help they managed to carry me home to my parents, who – extremely maturely – I had forward of the fact I would be drinking. But they hadn’t been expecting this and weren’t pleased. At all.

‘Electra, you’re DYING, alcohol will only get you there quicker.’ My mother screamed at me the minute Rose planted me back on firm ground. She wasn’t afraid of  what Rose would think, we were practically sisters and I knew for a fact that she would give Rose the same kind of lecture. At some point Josh had escaped walking us to the door. ‘Rose I can also smell alcohol on your breath, so you can wait here and sober up along with Electra, until your mother comes. I won’t tell her, but I am disappointed in you.’ And on came the coffee, paracetamol and wholemeal pitta bread. Along with a lecture of course.

I don’t really remember most of what it felt like waking up the next morning, but I definitely felt pretty rough. The kind of rough you feel after lots of exercise and lots of bad dreams. I wandered down stairs at around 12 and found my parents in the living room having lunch. They were giving me the serious ‘We need to have a chat look’, so I went to the kitchen and made myself beans on toast. Not the healthiest choice, but I need something wholesome to settle my stomach. ‘Electra, your actions yesterday were awful. Drinking and partying will not solve anything.’ My mother started before I had even sat down. ‘Right now you need to make clear, healthy choices, to give yourself as much time as possible.’ She carried on. Sometime passed without a reply from me, as I was busy eating my breakfast lunch, and as usual she felt the need to fill the silence. ‘I don’t care if you don’t want to have this conversation now Electra, we will eventually. We have doctors appointment at 2 so please go and clean yourself up. I shall be telling Dr Rinose about this.’ And with that I slammed down my tray and ran upstairs to get ready.

At this point for me a shower felt like angels tears and the warm hairdryer felt like a feather pillow. I put on some leggings and a jumper, just some comfy stuff I would need to change out of at the hospital in order to get all the scans done. I flicked on some base coat style eyeliner and tied my hair up in a messy bun.

I was quiet the whole car journey, partly because of the hang over and partly because there was nothing to say. The hospital itself smelt of chemicals and death. Such a promising place for me. I had around 4 different scans with different doctors and then a personal conclusion appointment with Dr Lolia Rinose. This disease, whatever it was, was rare. Rare enough that there were only around 9 recorded cases of it. ‘Your scans overall look good. Your internal organs are holding up well and your heart is fine. I would estimate your CBA (current bodily age) to be around 17, which is a good sign at this point. You appear to have had the condition for around 2 months, so your base internal aging rate is a year to every month. If it progressed at this rate you could live another 4-6 years, however in the other cases I have reviewed the deterioration becomes worse over time.’ Dr Rinose said, after reviewing the scans. At our last appointment on the previous Thursday she had fully explained the disease to me. It is essentially a speeding up of the aging process giving the patient a shorter life. This is the reason it is called Mayflie’s disease. Over the next 2 years my internal organs would begin to slowly self destruct until I would just collapse all together. ‘So far medication wise I want you take this list of vitamins. I then want you to try the drug at the bottom which you will need to order from the chemists. It is currently being developed in the US but I should be able to get it shipped over for you to try.’ I loved Dr R’s positive attitude, it helped a lot. She understood how I felt about my passing. She really cared about me and knew that I didn’t want to be in the hospital until it was necessary.

But then my mum brought up the night before. ‘Dr I want Electra to hear this from you. She went out to a party last night and got drunk. Am I not right in thinking that she should stay at home and rest, and give herself as much time as possible?’ She asked, sounding extremely condescending. ‘Electra, you shouldn’t be getting drunk at your age legally anyway. But I don’t think it will do her much medical damage. If the medication works it will slow down the internal damage and any damage the alcohol might do, as long as you don’t really over do herself.’ She replied with a smile and a wink to me. ‘Yes but shouldn’t she,’ my mother started before Lolia cut her off. ‘Look Julia, I know you think wrapping her in cotton will do her good, but she needs to live her life, while she still can. Allow her to do things and tick off her bucket list, presuming she has one, so she can go out knowing she did all she could.’ And with that my mother walked out. ‘I’m getting you a new specialist. That woman is crazy!’ She said as I followed her out. She practically sprinted down the hallway. ‘No! Mum this is my life, I want to live it.’ I started raising my voice. ‘Electra,’ she said before I cut her off. ‘No! Don’t you dare. I am your daughter and I love you, but I need to do this, I need to find myself while there is still something to find. Let me do all the things I will miss out on and then I won’t miss out.’

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