She would dance

Clair de Lune  – The inspiration for this poem

He would run his hands along the keys,

He would feel their cool surface,

He would press down ever so gently,

And he would look at her.

She would dance,

As if his music compelled her,

Like there was no time for anything else,

Only time for the music.

She would dance,

With all the grace of a swan,

With the passion of a tiger,

With the fragility of a human.

She would dance,

Placing one foot in front of the other,

On every level,

Using every move in the book.

He would play,

Because he loved to see her dance,

Because it gave him pleasure,

Because it gave her pleasure.

Every note,

Every turn,

They spoke not in words but in rhythm,

They said more to each other than  anyone else every could.

He would play,

And she would dance,

And the world would keep turning

Just like one of her beautiful pirouettes.


Writer X


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