Exams are over, I’m back baby

Oh yes sir, I can boogie!

Exams are over and I did pretty well on my last one, I hope.

So I’m back from my absence and hopefully this time it is for good.

I’ve got loads of great stuff lined up including Of Mayflies and Men and some more personal stuff.

Also can I just have a wtf moment real quick. The photo I toke and uploaded last night got 20 likes! I’m sorry what. This feels like some kind of crazy milestone for me, so thank you for everything y’all.

Love every single one of you X-bears. Does that work as a collected name? Cos I’m Writer X……get it.

Writer X


2 thoughts on “Exams are over, I’m back baby

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    Yay!!!! Well done – and ooh, lucky! My exams are coming up -_-
    Ah well. Nonetheless.
    GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK! *hugs*
    And yay, I’m an x-bear! 🙂

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