Of Mayflies and Men, Teaser

In my house there are eight words painted on the wall above the bathroom mirror; ‘We are fighting a losing battle against time.’ It has always been there. Our house is 30 years old and it has been there the whole time. No knows who put it there and no one has taken it down. My mother always said it was sobering and a reminder of what little time we have left. And in my case what little time I had left.

Anthopotamus neglectus morbi. It means mayflies disease. And one day a doctor told me I had it.

That day my parents cried for what felt like hours.

But all I could manage was a single tear. My life was falling into pieces in front of me and that was all I could manage. How sick is that.

I remember lying on my bed, motionless and emotionless. All I could hear was my parents crying and shouting. And I couldn’t blame them.We had originally gone to the doctors because I started to suffer chest pain occasionally. And now their little girl was dying. Their only child destined to only live to around 16 years old. Of course my mother would be dreading the second year of 2 year long demise.

After a few hours I got off the bed, mostly because I was hungry but also because I wanted to hug my mum and just be with my parents while I still could. But suddenly just as I began to walk down the stairs it hit me. I was OK with dying. It’s like I suddenly came to terms with it. I suddenly realized that crying and being upset wasn’t going to help. My body was going to do what it was going to do and I needed to start living my life before it tried to kill me off. And from that second on, I was on a mission to live, while I still could.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3   Part 4    Part 5

Meet Electra Kay, the lead character in my new series. The idea from this series came to me in a dream where I got injected with a death serum and had 1 month to live. And of course I woke up a little flustered. But I began to think about bucket lists. And out popped this from my brain. This is just a little Teaser to see what y’all think and if this is well received then I may just have to make a series.

Writer X



9 thoughts on “Of Mayflies and Men, Teaser

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    Now THIS was certainly unexpected!!! Wow – it was such a good surprise!!! Brilliant; I loved the snippet and oh, I can’t wait for more!! Really. This is so totally different..!! 🙂 *happy squeal/dance*

  2. ASHISH NARESH says:

    after reading two story series ,,,,,,,,, i hope one i find your name in a bookshop one day ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, right now waiting for the story ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P.S. like the new theme

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