I get hurt……..a lot

My problem is that I put my heart on the line too much, and my whole life I’ve been hurt because of it.

I don’t have a defense mechanism, so I’m unprotected from the evils of this world.

I wish I could turn off my feelings, numb them for a time.

Because I’m sick of being the hopeless romantic, whose life never lives up to their expectations.


Yes I believe in true love.

Yes I believe that the one exists.


So that’s why I get hurt.

Because I’m just looking for those two things.

And I fall in love to quickly.

Because I am so ready to love someone.


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Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X.


4 thoughts on “I get hurt……..a lot

  1. ASHISH NARESH says:

    its not your fault or loss, its the loss of one who hurt you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you don’t need a defense mechanism just use some of that love for yourself ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, love yourself the way you want that special someone to love you

  2. writingwingsforyou says:

    I believe those who risk a lot, gain a lot, and that your risks will pay off. Being vulnerable and open gets you the real honest love you want and deserve. Every time you lay your heart on the line, it pays you dividends. You learn what you want as well as what you don’t want. I promise, the one perfect for you will come along.

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