Crumbling without hope………..a poem

I wish you could see it,

How much I love you,

And how much I want you,

How much I need you.

I wish we could just find each other,

Rather than just hoping to cross paths,

Because I’m sick of waiting,

Sick of loving an unstable future.


You’ve got to be out there,


You’ve got to be,

Otherwise what is my destiny.

I am alone and it makes me sick,

Because it isn’t fair,

We deserve to be together,

Why do we have to wait.


I just want to start my life with you,

I want to live for every day,

Every hour,

Every second.

You are my future,

But I want you to be my present,

Because I cannot live alone anymore,

Never knowing if we are to meet.


I’m afraid that I’m breaking,

And by the time you get here I will be broken,

And I won’t go on,

I won’t live out our love.

I’m so ready to love and it almost hurts,

I just want to love you so much,

That I’m crumbling without hope,

Hope for us.

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Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X


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