Random notes……on my phone

I recently got a gorgeous new blue iPhone 5c, which has a notes app. Every time I think of something I want to include in a post I write it up and leave it there. So whenever I’m short of ideas, I go into my notes section and pick one out. Right now I have got a pile of notes and I haven’t found anything useful to do with them. Don’t get me wrong they have great potential but they just aren’t long enough or don’t hold together well as a posts. So here are a few a few of my random notes.

Poem – If you were not yourself.

If you were not yourself,
And I was not me.
Would it change anything at all,
Change what could have been.

Thoughts  – On the human soul

My body is not me nor is my mind. But the combination of the two and the subsequent product created by them is me.

Thoughts – Our cultures obsession with death

We are we obsessed with death. Why? Because it is the beginning of the end. But there is no true end of the end. The only marker we have of the end is the beginning of it and so we are obsessed with it. For there is no definite end.

Thoughts – On woman and single life

A woman without a man may be a little bit lonelier, but she is sure as s*&% saner.

Poem – I am the effector and efectee

Everyone effects everything,
Everyone is effected by everything,
We are all the effectors,
We are all the effectees.

Thoughts – Relationships

True friendship is where you steal each other’s stuff. True love is when you steal each other.

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Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X.


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