Boy next door part 9……….a story about love

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We were in love. And love transcends all. After Jack left I had a warm shower and did some homework. My mum returned and I informed her that Jack and I were a couple once again. She was still wary of him after the accident, but she was happy for me. And on the plus side her daughter was no longer a sobbing mess. He drove me to and from school everyday. We did coursework together, we had dinner together on Friday’s and we went to Mindy’s birthday party together. Of course Danielle tried to spread her rumors and we denied them the best we could.

In no way was he pressuring me.

No this is not my way of paying him back for tutoring.

Yes, we are going out and are very happy.

As far as the rest of the world – apart from the select few – was concerned we were the hot new couple. Jack and Elle. I always thought he was the ‘hot’ part of that statement. Our friends got along well and on Sunday nights we would get some distance from one another. I normally went to Mindy or another of my friends houses to watch a movie and chat. He normally baby-sat or tutored some lower years.

‘You didn’t stand by our agreement.’ Danielle had approached in the hallway and started to talk. ‘You know what happens next duckie.’  ‘Actually I don’t, but I love for you to enlighten me!’ I shot back. There was little she could do to hurt us. Except maybe one thing, but she wouldn’t. Would she. ‘Oh dear. I seem to have mislaid my phone.’ She said, in an over dramatized manner. ‘Oh no, it was just in my pocket. Oh well would you look at that, I seem to have called the police about 10 minutes ago.’ I felt like I was going to pass out. She hadn’t had she. ‘Funny that.’ She carried on talking, rubbing salt in the wound. Jack was standing 4 feet behind me and I heard him exhale, loud. I never thought she would. Danielle had a history with shoplifting and she didn’t need to draw attention to herself. But she had done it and now I didn’t know what I was going to do.

Danielle walked away slowly, smiling to herself. It was all I could do to hold the tears back.

I grabbed Jack and ran into an empty class room. I kissed him hard and then hugged him. I want to remember all of this. The smell of his hair, of his sweat, of his aftershave. The color of his eyes, of his hair, of his skin. The beauty of him over powered me, as I took it all in. ‘They won’t separate us, you can get out on bale in 2 days maximum.’ I whispered in his ear. He drew away, a look of alarm on his face. ‘Elle, they probably aren’t even going to arrest me, let alone formally charge me. I will see you tonight. Get the dough balls and WKD out.’ He replied. I loved his optimism. And I loved him. But I knew the truth of the matter. This would end up in court. How did I know? Because it always does. In the area of Sussex we lived in, the police had a passion for defending ‘poor little girls’ who were mostly just like me. Persecuted for loving the ‘wrong person’.

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Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

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