I imagine…….a poem about future hopes

I imagine when we are old,

Like 29,

And we own our own house,

In the city center.

We met at school or uni,

And you were nerdy,

And I was meant to be a catch,

But I was just a nerd too.

You got a 1st at Uni,

And I got a 2:1 because I was lazy,

Because I spent too much time thinking about you,

And going to parties.

We are married,

But only for a few years so far,

So we still snog,

And you still look at my bum.

You work a 9 to 6 job,

In the city,

And I work part time,

As a councilor.

I will wear more sensible clothes,

Like baggy mum jumpers,

But I will rock the look,

Because I will have a good body for my age.

Saturday nights are date nights,

We go to some fancy restaurants,

But we aren’t mature enough for them,

So we might just go to Pizza Express instead.

We are getting by financially,

And we are already saving up for a car,

Even though we don’t need one yet,

So we will probably just save up for the future.

We are thinking about having kids,

But I’m not sure,

I say it’s because I don’t know if I am ready,

But it is really because I don’t want to get chubby.

My parents come round occasionally,

And my mum is also pushing for grandchildren,

But I know I’m going to give in eventually,

Because I love you and I want to create mini versions of us.

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Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X.


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