5 year time capsule……….hello there older me

Dear 19 year old me,

First of all congrats on reaching 19. Right now I can’t even imagine having gone through everything you will have gone through. I’m sorry that I did all those cringey embarrassing things and that I was such a weirdo. But you have got through it. There are a few things I want to know:

  • First of all, who was the first guy I went out with? Please don’t let me be single at 19. Was it a certain person who’s name begins with an S? Oh god, don’t tell me my first kiss was embarrassing. Why? Why do I always embarrass myself?
  • Am I still blogging. If not, why not? You should really start blogging again. People used to really enjoy your awful writing.
  • Hows the whole mental health thing? Are things better?
  • Are you still best friends with J and the others? Because if you aren’t you should sort that out now. Like ASAP.
  • Did you do well with your GCSE’s and A-levels? Are you at/going to uni?
  • Is ninja still around? If so you need to go downstairs and feed him, unless your not still living at home? Give yourself a hug for leaving home. That was really brave.
  • Did you ever actually get off your bum and find something you love? Did you ever get an actual psychical gym membership?
  • What are you planning to do with your life? No. Do not become a doctor. No. Just no. Go do something fun, like a wedding cake maker.
  • Do hover boards and brain chip implants exist? If they do you need to get it on that.
  • Are you in a relationship? If so who with? How serious is it? Oh god, are you married. Oh no. NO. Do you have kids? Omg did you have a kid? Please lord, no, I can’t even make a grilled cheese sandwich without burning the house down, I’m not ready to make and look after tiny humans.

Right now I don’t know what I’m doing, and I don’t really mind.

I hope all is well in 2019, give my best wishes to mum, dad and everyone else.

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Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X.



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