Exhume………a poem

Your exhuming my past,

Attempting to restore what has been,

And it isn’t your choice,

It’s mine.

Stop trying to find out who I was before,

Because it doesn’t matter,

Because I’m here now,

That’s what’s important.

Stop trying to dig up my skeletons,

They are buried for a reason,

Maybe I will tell you and maybe I won’t,

But it’s my decision.

I’m sorry but I have regrets,

I’m allowed to,

And I don’t want you to know them all,

I don’t want to have that conversation.

It’s not that I don’t trust you,

It’s just that somethings are too personal,

Too close to me,

Too close to talk about.

I just want to show you who I am now,

Because that is the best version of me,

And you wouldn’t love the old version of me,

So it is hidden.

You can’t exhume everything,

So stop trying,

Stop hurting me,

By digging up secrets.

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Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X.


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