Running back to you……a poem

Please don’t say it’s over,

And that our time has come,

There is nothing left to say,

What has been done had been done.

Now I’m sitting here,

Arms wrapped around myself,


Because your gone from my life.

Why did it have to end,

What did I do,

What did you do,


We didn’t do anything,

Circumstances just got in the way,

And it isn’t fair,

So f*@# circumstance.

I’m getting my keys and phone,

I’m putting on your hoodie,

I’m running back to your house,

Because we deserve to stay together.

It’s pouring down with rain,

But I don’t care,

Because I’d die to stay with you,

I really would.

I’ve rung the bell,

And now I’m waiting here,

Praying that you feel the same,

That after everything that is happening around us we can stay together.

Playlist       @Writer_X9

Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X


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