Realizing the point…….in life

I think I’m starting to realize what life is actually about.

I think it’s about changing things.

It’s about touching other peoples lives, about loving someone so much it hurts and it’s knowing yourself so well that somehow you no longer have any limits.

It’s about finding someone or something worth dying for. It’s about transcending all the barriers in order to accomplish your goals.

It’s about finding someone who you want to spend your whole life and afterlife with, and tying yourself to them in every way you can.

It’s about finding someone who you love as if they are your flesh and blood, and showing them your whole self, your soul.

It’s about nursing new life into existence, and loving it unconditionally.

It’s about having those teenage moments you see in music videos, it’s about having regrets and accepting that you can regret but can’t change what has happened.

It’s about living while you still can and loving yourself and your existence.

Playlist       @Writer_X9

Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X


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