Boy next door part 3……..a story about love

Start from the beginning here and see part four here.

My life continued on like this for a few weeks. The girls at school were helpful and always wanted to talk about the boy who owned the car in question. ‘He’s so dreamy,’ they would say. Or ‘I would definitely let him break my leg, if you get what I mean.’ I never encouraged them but to be honest what girl doesn’t enjoy a bit of eye candy. ‘You know I hear he is into younger girls… obviously I mean a few years younger, not like creepily young.’ My best friend Mindy said to me as we walked to English. ‘So.’ I replied, a little sick of them talking about him ALL THE TIME. ‘So, you should go round and ask for some butter. And then let him butter you, if you get my drift.’ Mindy was being extremely girly and boy fixated. ‘What the hell Mindy.Yes he is gorgeous, and hot and yummy. But he would not be interested in me.’ I replied. It was true, what did I have to offer that most girls didn’t. Yes I was intelligent and opinionated and a bit funny. But plain. Unbelievably plain. Boring blonde hair, grey eyes and an average face. Not attractive. I had never been kissed and knew that wasn’t going to change soon.

A few weeks later I went back to the doctors, where they took the cast off. My leg still wasn’t great but I could walk again. ‘Hey do you want a lift?’ Jack said the morning after I got the cast taken off. The angel in my head said no and the devil said yes. ‘Yeah sure. That would be great thanks.’ And so I got into the car and he gave me a lift.

The car journey was great and he was so funny. There wasn’t one awkward moment. I felt totally comfortable around him. He had a reputation for being promiscuous and a bit of a player, but he didn’t act like that at all. He dropped me at the front gates, where Mindy was waiting, and went to park the car in the sixth-form car park. ‘OH MY GOD. You did, didn’t you. You did him. Sooooo proud. My little nun is no longer part of the nun club.’ Mindy said as soon as I was in ear shot. That’s Mindy, always jumping to conclusions. ‘No, he just gave me a lift. Seriously, it was just a favor.’ I replied trying to shut her up. News spreads faster than STD’s at St. Evan’s School. She just raised her eyebrow at me, and we walked down the path towards registration. I knew she was going tease me the whole day.

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Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

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