Boy next door part 2……..a story about love

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My mum was not pleased. She went round and talked to Jack about the accident. There was a fair amount of stern looks, shouting and of course he was extremely apologetic. And he also came with us to the hospital, where he even paid the £200 for the doctor, x-ray and cast. ‘I’m so sorry, seriously.’ He kept saying. I knew he just wanted it to all get fixed. His parents were strict and he was already in enough trouble with them. How did I know? I’d heard the fights. The wait in A&E was awful. There was so much noise; from machines, from people and from whatever was left. I eventually got repaired and was told to wait around 6 weeks before I could get the cast of but in most cases it can be taken of earlier if the bone is healing fast.

We drove home in silence. A&E had been insanely busy, plus my mum wasn’t in the mood to talk with the person who had – less than 4 hours ago – casually run over her child. We got home and Jack thanked us for the ride. I smiled in reply, but mother was not happy. Eventually she started making dinner and it was a normal Friday night.

But Monday morning was hell. Trying to shower, eat, dry my hair and put on school uniform made me 10 minutes late for school, which you guessed it I had to walk to. However my mum had decided that she was going to give her poor injured child a lift. I was just walking out the front door to get into the car when I heard his voice. ‘Hey. How you feeling?’ Jack said, through the opened car window. He had braked when he had seen me. ‘I’ve been worse thanks.’ I said smiling. I couldn’t help but smile around him. I’d always liked him. He was older and more mature. Kind and sweet. And of course drop dead hot. ‘Do you want a ride? You can’t seriously be walking!’ He said, genuinely worried. ‘No, mum’s giving me a lift.’ I said in reply.’Ok, well as long as your sure. See you around.’ And then he rolled down the window and drove away.

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