Boy next door part 1……..a story about love

So after the success of The Piccadilly Line…..a love story, I have started a new project. This one is going to be a little long, more hard hitting and generally a step up in quality from my last project. I hope you enjoy it, and leave me your feedback as always.

Part 2 here

Shit. I’m late.

I’m running and running and I’m nearly out of breath. This bloody binder, why is it so heavy? I’m going to get in so much trouble.


Ok I have a minute, I can be there in a minute. 60 seconds, easy.

What’s that sound. What the….owwwwww.

I heard the car a fraction of a second before it hit me. It wasn’t going fast, and it only clipped my leg. But it still hurt, like a hundred fists punching me. I turned round to see the driver stopping his car. He got out and then I realized who he was.

‘Hey! You ok?’ He was gorgeous. Undeniably, unbelievably gorgeous. He had always been attractive, even when we had first met when he was around 11. ‘Yeah, I’m fine. I think you just hit my leg. It’s my fault for being in the middle of the road.’ I tried walking on it, but I cried out in pain. ‘Let me give you a lift back. I will explain to your mum.’ He offered after he saw that my leg was not fit to be walked on. ‘No it’s fine. You only just got your licence, I don’t want your dad to go mental at you. I’m fine really…..owwww’ I said trying to walk on it again. ‘No, your coming with me.’ He said as he grabbed me before I fell. His hands felt warm on my waist. ‘Thanks, can you just help me to the car?’ I said trying not to look him directly in the eye. And so I hobbled over to his VW Polo and got in. He smelt amazing. A mixture of Lynx and sweat. I noticed his blazer was crinkled and his tie was loosened. He drove me to my house and offered to explain to my mum about what had happened. ‘ No it’s fine. She will probably want to talk to you but I think it is better if I explain.’ So I got out and thanked him for the lift and walked to my front door. He parked up and grabbed his messenger bag from the back seat and went to his front door. I watched him put the key in the door and then he turned and smiled at me through the hedge.

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Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

Writer X


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