The Piccadilly Line part 10…….the end

Hey there! Check out part 9 here and start from the beginning here.

To all the loyal readers of this series I sorry it had to end but I hope you will be able to enjoy my next short story.

I ran down the stairs, Nick chasing after me. I was laughing and smiling and he then we reached the big white doors. He had me pinned against them and started to kiss me. Softly, with so much love and caring. After a while I pulled away and gave him a cheeky smile. ‘We need to go in. I hope your parents won’t think I’m some lose woman!’ I said laughing but still concerned.He picked my up – bride over the threshold style – and opened the large doors into the dining room.

‘Covent Garden!’ The loud feminine voice alerted me my stop was next. I looked across the carriage at the boy I had been dreaming about for the last 5 minutes. I think I’d started to believe it was all real.

I stood up and walked to the doors. I was meeting the representative from the publishing company soon and I needed to clear my head and give a good pitch. But I couldn’t. I liked him. And I felt like I should do something about it. My whole life I had been the good girl and now it was time for that to change. I didn’t care if his name was Nick or Luke or Dave. I needed to do something adventurous in my life. And if I got shot down then so be it.

But the second the doors opened he was gone. So I just left it. I walked to my meeting, talked and got a coffee. The meeting did go well but I was still unsure if I would get an offer. Just before I left I grabbed a hot chocolate. It was around 3 o’clock and the meeting had gone on for forever. I walked out the doors…..and then smashed into someone. ‘Oh my god I’m so sorry!’ I cried picking up my bag which I had dropped. The hot chocolate had stayed in the cup, thank god. I looked up and realized who it was. ‘Hey your the girl from the train earlier. I couldn’t stop looking at you the whole time, I feel like we have met before or I know you from somewhere.’ He said in a rich, deep voice smiling. ‘Yeah, I think we met in a dream,’ I replied.

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Laugh til you cry, love til you die.

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